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Terms & Conditions

Definition of terms used in this Document
  • The process of providing antivirus software & Support by the Impex Antivirus is called “service” or “services”.
  • An individual or group of individuals who willingly connect with the agent of Impex Antivirus is termed as the “caller”. The caller can connect either by calling, emailing and online live chatting.
  • An individual or individuals who voluntarily decide to use services by Impex Antivirus is called as the “customer”.
  • The action of a caller voluntarily accepting one or more services by Impex Antivirus is called as “utilization”.
  • Technical devices like desktop computer, laptop, smartphones etc. is “technology”. Technology also applies to other networking devices like wireless and non-wireless routers, televisions, Blu-ray players, and video streaming tools.
  • Devices attached to a computer like printers, scanners, cameras, hard drives, USB drives, etc. is termed as “computer peripherals”.
  • A set of programs that can be stored, installed, and used on a computer or mobile phone is termed as a “Software”.
Acceptance of Policy

The customer is considered to accepts all the terms and policies automatically as soon as he uses the services given by the Company. Impex Antivirus possesses the right to reject the service to the caller if the caller has refused any terms and policies.

Modification of Terms and Policies

Impex Antivirus will not provide any prior warning to any individual in altering any information in the document.

Types of services available

All options refer to Impex Antivirus home or consumer service options, as well as Impex Antivirus business service options

  • “Software” – Software is where the customer accepts to pay an advanced fee for the antivirus software by giving an annual price for software updates.
  • “Service/Support Plan for monthly basis” – For a monthly basis the customer accepts to pay an advanced fee for technical support. The household members can contact Antivirus Number Support as many times in this unlimited monthly plan. The customer can avail the facility of technical help as many times as the problem reoccur until he has the activation of the plan. Once the validity of his monthly plan ends he needs to pay for the technical help or he may again purchase the plan.
  • “Service/Support Plan for annual basis” – In the yearly plan the customer accepts to pay an advanced fee for technical help. Just like the monthly plan here too the household members can contact Antivirus Number Support as many times as the plan is valid. The occurrence of the same technical problem over time, again and again, will be solved until the customer plan is active. After the plan gets expired charges will be made for catering technical help.
  • •“Data Backup” – In this the customer accepts to pay an advanced fee for accessing cloud data backup services. The service is charged on monthly basis. Technical assistance is catered by the skilled technicians of Impex Antivirus.


Payment refers to the amount given by the customer to utilize the services.

Credit Card & Debit Card Use

Impex Antivirus accepts all cards such as Visa Card, American Express etc.

  • Customer gives credit card or debit card details over must be an adult. In case he doesn’t have a credit card or debit card then at the time of payment that credit or debit card should thereof whose credit card or debit card they will use.
  • If the customer’s credit/debit cards fail authorization then, in that case, the Antivirus Number Support has the right to reject the services.
  • Impex Antivirus may store credit/debit card data securely for billing purposes. This information is typically saved on a third-party secure payment gateway and Impex Antivirus does not have access to any complete card numbers.
  • Antivirus Number Support maintains the highest level of security compliance and is verified “PCI DSS Compliant “.

Technologies Supported

Impex Antivirus lend its services/supports to computers, computer-related devices, mobile phones etc. It also supports other devices too that promotes a computer to perform functions. This helps for the problems like viruses and malware, routers and modems.

Responsibilities of Impex Antivirus

  • Impex Antivirus provide its customers with satisfactory and appropriate solutions for their problems. If the technician is incompetent to solve the issue then he is required to tell the customer what it requires to resolve the issue.
  • Impex Antivirus does not take full guarantee in resolving on the exact time as sometimes there can be uncertainties that may hamper the work leading to time exceed.
  • Impex Antivirus has been working in a joint venture with a third-party firm when it lacks to solve the issue of the customers. But Antivirus Number Support is not liable for any services given by the third party.
  • The process of billing may be controlled by the third party. In short for the third party the Impex Antivirus is not responsible at any stage for anything.
  • Impex Antivirus services are in no way a warranty. Replacement of items such as hardware, components, and accessories are not covered in our refund or cancellation policy.

Customer’s Responsibility

The customer should give the sales agent or a support technician full information. Keeping important details intact in lieu of asking cash back guarantee is not permissible. The customer is assumed to follow basic the key points that the technician gives them over the phone.


Customer agrees to pay, defend, and hold harmless Impex Antivirus and its employees from and against any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, fines, penalties and expenses (including attorney and other professional fees and costs) arising out of or relating to

  • Customer use or misuse of any Software and/or Services;
  • Customer violation of the Impex Antivirus Terms of Service;
  • Customer breaching of any rights of a third party; or any other negligent or intentional misconduct by Customer.
  • Impex Antivirus retains the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by Customer, in which event Customers is required to cooperate in asserting any available defenses.

Outside of Services Scope & Excessive Usage

Impex Antivirus holds the power to restrict home support plans if they are being utilized for any trading purposes. Extreme usage of the services is entitled as the customers who have used services for 90 days or above.

Custom Designed Software

  • Impex Antivirus may use custom-designed software and scripts to assist in resolving an issue, reporting data system information, or automating a task. Such software may be manufactured by Impex Antivirus or manufactured by a Third-party (see section titled “Third-party Software”). To the best knowledge of Impex Antivirus, the software is fully licensed and breaks no laws when it is used on a customer’s device.
  • Impex Antivirus is not responsible for the unlikely scenario of such software causing damage to your device’s hardware or software. How the technician proceeds if that occurs is at the caution of the support technician, supervisor, and/or manager.
  • Impex Antivirus may accept End User License Agreements on your behalf – for any Impex Antivirus designed software.

Third-party Software

  • Sometimes the Impex Antivirus will use “third-party software” to help for problem-solving aspect. “Third-party software” is a software produced by Impex Antivirus. For instance, troubleshooting, System Remote, Network scanner tools.
  • Impex Antivirus is not liable for any mishandling by the third-party for your device damage.
  • Impex Antivirus may take End User License Notes on your account – for third-party software.

Remote Assistance

  • Impex Antivirus uses third-party support software to help the customers for their issues.
  • This software is authorized and violates no rules when it is used on a customer’s device.
  • The software installs a little section of software on the customer’s system. While the software is typically harmless, Impex Antivirus bears no responsibility for unforeseen negative effects that the software has on the customer’s device.
  • Fast internet connection is required on the device so that the technician can take remote control. The consumer will have to obey the guidance of the technician to restore the system’s internet connectivity.
  • The customer has the freedom to reject a remote connection but it is likely that without remote control issues will take a longer time to get fixed.
  • Impex Antivirus also upholds the right to reject the service just like the customer has.

Data Backup and Data Loss

Impex Antivirus will perform their task effectively to secure important data on a customer’s device. But Impex Antivirus is not liable to inform the customer for data loss, backing up data etc. Sudden problems may happen for which the company is not responsible in any case. Customer has to manage their data for not getting lost. The data backups will be deleted upon cancellation or non-payment of our services automatically. The customer can only access his data by data backup service. Impex Antivirus will also stop to make any additional data backups also data loss or data backups do not come under the duty of company.